How much does a mortgage broker cost you?

We often get asked how much mortgage brokers charge. The answer is that most brokers, us included, charge you NOTHING! Here’s how it works.

But nobody works for free right?

We get paid by the lender, but that doesn’t get passed on to you in ANYWAY.

In fact, because we’re actively in the market living and breathing the finance industry day in day out, we often get better rates for our clients than if you went direct to the lender!

Some rates we have been negotiating for clients in the last week have been as low as 3.57% for owner occupied and 3.95% for an investment property loan!

So why not let us help you find the best deal! Drop our head of home lending a line anytime and he’ll let you know what we can do!

Contact: Tom Kelly direct on 0437 403 993 if you want to get a lower rate on your home loans.

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