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Our Awards and Recognition

At STAC Capital, we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional financial services. Our team is comprised of experienced, trusted, connected, and reliable professionals who are dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction. We are proud to showcase the industry recognition that reflects our hard work and commitment.

Our Awards

2024 The Advisor Better Business Awards

  • Winner – Best Finance Brokerage (Office) QLD
  • Finalist – Best Finance Broker QLD – Dale Sparke

2023 The Advisor Better Business Awards

  • Winner – Best Finance Brokerage (Office) QLD
  • Finalist – Best Boutique Independent Office QLD
  • Finalist – Best Finance Broker QLD – Dale Sparke

Our most recent accolades include sweeping multiple categories at the 2023 The Advisor Better Business Awards. These prestigious awards validate our constant efforts in providing reliable, top-notch brokerage services.

2022 The Advisor Australian Broking Awards

  • Finalist – Finance Broker of the Year – Mark Trayner

In 2022, Mark Trayner was recognized as a finalist for the Finance Broker of the Year award, further cementing STAC Capital’s reputation as a trusted name in financial brokering.

2022 The Advisor Better Business Awards

  • Finalist – Best Finance Broker QLD – Dale Sparke
  • Finalist – Mentor of the Year QLD – Dale Sparke
  • Finalist – Best Newcomer QLD – Anthony Mack
  • Finalist – Best Independent Office (Five Brokers or less) QLD

Dale Sparke, our experienced and connected Finance Broker, was a finalist in multiple categories. Our team was also highlighted for its mentorship and fresh talents, adding credibility to our promise of being a reliable and experienced financial brokerage.

2021 EA Connective Excellence Awards (Connective’s Commercial and Asset Finance Excellence Awards)

  • Winner – Commercial Broker of the Year QLD – Dale Sparke
  • Finalist – Commercial Brokerage of the Year

Our relentless pursuit of excellence was acknowledged in 2021 when Dale Sparke won the Commercial Broker of the Year QLD award. Our office also stood as a finalist for the Commercial Brokerage of the Year.

2019 Connective Excellence Awards

  • Winner – Commercial Broker of the Year QLD – Dale Sparke

Dale Sparke’s continued excellence in commercial broking was again recognized in 2019, further building our portfolio of awards and recognitions.

2018 Connective Excellence Awards

  • Finalist – Best Newcomer – STAC Capital

STAC Capital hit the ground running in 2018, standing as a finalist for Best Newcomer at the Connective Excellence Awards, marking the beginning of our journey towards becoming a connected and trusted financial services provider.

We thank our valued clients and dedicated team for making these achievements possible. STAC Capital is committed to maintaining the high standards that have made us an award-winning brokerage, and we look forward to continually serving your financial needs with utmost reliability and integrity.

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When we started STAC in 2017, we had a lofty goal. To redefine the way commercial brokers serve clients (from middleman order-taker, to professional advisor) and to help businesses and property developers overcome the financial roadblocks that get in the way of pursuing opportunities.

Prior to starting STAC, founders Mark Trayner and Dale Sparke had spent almost two decades in the banking sector. Fed up with deal knock backs and paling risk appetites, and internal hierarchies that hindered more than helped, they set out to establish a brokerage that provides flexibility and freedom for clients and teammates, to pursue their professional and personal goals.

Today, STAC has grown its portfolio to also include home lending and has arranged over $1B in deals from a database of more than 300 banking and private lenders.  We continue our mission to play a key role in Australia’s economy creation, while raising the bar in ethical standards and fostering a high performance culture that prioritises personal lives over professional burnout. 

What clients
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How We Do Business​


Utmost Professionalism

This is our approach in everything we do. With this as one of our core values, we consider ourselves to be a professional services firm, rather than a brokerage house.


Long-Term Relationships

Long-term mutually-beneficial relationships with our clients and partners is a non-negotiable. Whilst we are driven to successfully complete your required transactions, we are not single deal-focused; we have little interest in assisting those who seek a one-off deal, rather we focus our time and resources on clients that also value long-term relationships.


Thorough Understanding of Your Situation

A ‘deep-dive’ of your business, project or portfolio is considered by us to be key, in order to understand factors such as your strategy, operations, management, risks and opportunities. Doing so ensures not only that we can prepare an optimal funding proposal document, but also opens up the opportunity to identify and discuss opportunities to improve your business or project.


Early Involvement

Early-stage involvement is our preferred modus operandi, to help ensure that all factors within your strategy are optimal. Trying to arrange finance at the last minute, when you need funding yesterday, often results in short-cuts and thereby a sub-optimal finance package



Our revenue model is completely transparent and ensures no conflicts of interest. For Advisory scopes, we will typically charge fixed-fees that are milestone-based. Where funding applications are made to banks (that typically pay commissions to brokers), a conflict often arises with larger commercial facilities in that banks will pay brokers a percentage of the establishment fee (the broker is thereby incentivised to encourage the bank to charge a higher fee); in such instances we therefore agree with you as to what our total fees will be, whether payable by the bank or you – thereby incentivising us only to seek the best deal possible for you.

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