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We started STAC in 2017, having spent nearly two decades in the banking sector – where, in those bank jobs, we were fed up with deal knock-backs and paling risk appetites, internal hierarchies that hindered more than helped.

The first STAC office (if you can call it that!) was Dale’s dining room and back deck – we had no revenue, but we did have some very lofty aspirations. We wore pin-striped suits and ties (which, of course, is what you had to wear if you were to be considered a professional). After a short while, we rented a few desks in the city (funnily enough, one floor above our new home at Level 13, 100 Edward Street).

Fast-forward six years to 2023, we’re rarely in suits anymore – and it’s become apparent that business society and expectations have changed in a post-COVID world. Our clients don’t think that you must wear a pin-striped suit to know what you’re doing. They value who we genuinely are as people, what our brand represents, what we know and whom we know and – most importantly – how to achieve results for their businesses, projects and personal goals.

We’ve become one of Queensland’s leading finance brokerage and advisory firms, having written about a billion dollars in loans in property development & investment, business/corporate finance and home lending; we’ve built relationships with about 300 lenders, ranging from private individuals through to global institutional funds. We’re honoured to have clients including some very successful, well-known and highly-respected brands and individuals.

Most of all, we’re incredibly proud of our team [hyperlink to that page] – aside from constantly kicking goals for STAC, themselves, and most importantly, our clients, everyone on the team contributes towards making STAC such a great place to come into every day.

As part of the new look, we’re launching three “sub-brands”, clearly defining our work for our varying types of clients. Part of the reason for doing this was that many people didn’t realise we do more than just property. What we do in these sub-brands is actually nothing new – it’s just making it a little more obvious!
What we’re best known for – property developments and investments across just about every asset class, senior debt with banks and private credit funds, as well as the mezzanine debt and preferential equity deal capabilities that we’ve settled countless deals for (including investing our own capital).

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Covering all types of business and middle-market debt finance, typically for privately-owned businesses turning over anywhere from $3m to $200m. From working capital requirements to funding mergers and acquisitions or distressed debt restructuring. As with property, we’ve written senior debt with banks, private credit funds, and mezz and other subordinated capital. We’re keen to continue growing this sector to be able to serve all, including small businesses, large corporate, and equipment finance (so to finance professionals out there – if any of those are your speciality, or you know someone great, we would love to talk!).

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Having a home lending/mortgage brokerage offering started out of necessity because, when our property & business clients would buy their own luxury homes, we weren’t mortgage professionals – and our clients’ situations were often too complex for us to refer to a normal mortgage broker. Since Anthony joined the STAC team, in the last couple of years, we’ve written many very large home loans for some of South East Queensland’s most impressive luxury homes for borrowers with incredibly complex financial situations. At the other end of the spectrum, we’ve helped many people get into their first homes. We’ve financed countless spec homes for builders wanting to do more of their own projects and less contract work. We’ve done it all, no matter how simple or complex the home lending requirements. Now at a run-rate averaging settlements of about $100 million per year, it’s firmly a key part of the STAC group, not just something we do on the side. Although we now look more modern and befitting what we’ve become, nothing has changed about how we do what we do.

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We’re proud to uphold our values staunchly – which are definitely not just some fluffy marketing blurb – Our Values are how we genuinely believe and must act because it’s just the right way to be.

Where to next for STAC?

We’re keen to continue growing – in size and capabilities – by finding the right people who fit with our culture and how we do what we do, who want to provide great service and achieve outstanding results for their clients, not hamstrung by internal policies and politics. Our door is open if this is you – or if you know someone we should be talking to.

To all our existing and past clients, as well those who have referred their clients or friends to us – no matter how small or large the borrowings – we extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for you having trusted us with your financing requirements, which is, of course, a critical component to facilitating what you do. We are who we are and have gotten to where we are thanks to everyone. Thank you very much for that.

To those existing as well as our potential future clients – if you weren’t already aware of our broad service offerings across property, business and home – now you know. No matter what your financing requirements (or those of your clients/friends/colleagues), we will continue to be very honoured to help across these financing requirement types.

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