Deal Overview: Multiple SMSFs purchasing a Commercial Property

Putting the cash of multiple SMSFs together into an SPV Unit Trust so they can purchase a commercial property… Sound like a good idea?

It was a great idea! The problem is that, even though they were armed with detailed tax and legal advice that clearly outlined why the structure was above-board (mainly being compliant with the Superannuation Investments (Supervision) Act (“SIS Act”)), not a single one of the major banks will touch such a structure!!

Even though the majors don’t want to use common sense for a completely legit, fully compliant structure, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done on reasonable terms.

Leveraging our knowledge of such structures and relationships with key professional experts and lenders, we secured the clients $1.84 million from a 2nd tier bank.

The cherry on top? A whopping 80% LVR!

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