Case Study: Supermarkets Group $12m Acquisition Line

STAC Capital’s Dale Sparke was engaged by an owner of multiple IGA stores, seeking solutions to fund the acquisition of additional stores that fit within the acquisition parameters of the group.

The Challenge

STAC Capital specialises in working with clients with complex funding requirements outside of a traditional broker’s normal skillset. In this client’s case, they were referred to us by a broker that found the group’s funding requirements too sophisticated.

How We Assisted

We were initially only engaged to seek funding for the acquisition of a few IGA stores. However, upon gaining a deeper understanding of their longer-term strategies, we came up with a debt structure and strategy that would not only meet their current requirements but also their ongoing expansion strategy to acquire and build more stores over the medium term.

The Outcome

Having tendered proposed deal structures to the banking market, we were able to secure funding for the current store acquisitions, as well as a committed funding line for future potential acquisitions.

This not only met the client’s requirements but also gave them comfort that their future funding needs were locked in, allowing them to confidently proceed with their store acquisition strategy.

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