Buying your Home at Auction with Confidence

f 2019 is your year to buy a new home, the dream home you find may well be sold at auction… But do you have the confidence to buy at auction?


Thanks to the Royal Commission, the process and timeframes to get a home loan approved is causing problems in the market. But if you’re prepared in advance to bid, then OPPORTUNITY ABOUNDS if you can have the confidence to put your foot in front of others!

Martin Millard & Brendan Whipps from Harcourts Solutions Group tell us what they’re seeing in the real estate market – and why getting your finance approved BEFORE going to auction is so critical.

If you’re seriously considering buying your next home in 2019, you need to be prepared in advance. Feel free to get in touch directly with Tom Kelly to find out what you need to do and when – he’s more than happy to have a no obligations chat with you.

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