SMSF Property Investment Simplified

Investing in property through your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) can be a potent strategy to build wealth for your retirement. Whether it’s residential or commercial property, this investment route opens the door to significant tax benefits and diversified portfolio growth.

However, it’s also a pretty hairy landscape to navigate, with strict compliance obligations set by the Australian Tax Office, complex corporate structures involving multiple companies and trusts, along with a requirement for formal advice from a number of of professionals.

On top of that – if you ask most banks (and many accountants and lawyers) – they’ll tell you that you can’t borrow in an SMSF anymore.

But fear not – at STAC Home, writing SMSF loans for both residential and commercial property, is just another day at the office.

We provide specialised mortgage brokering services tailored to SMSFs. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Understanding Your SMSF: Borrowing to invest in property through an SMSF is different from regular lending. We take the time to understand your strategies and legal structures, getting actively involved in discussions with you, your accountant, financial planner and lawyer (and if you happen to not know who to use for any one of these professionals, we’ll be all too happy to refer you to ones we know and trust). As specialists in SMSF lending, we can guide you through the specifics, ensuring you’re armed with the right information to make informed decisions.
  1. Identifying Suitable Loans: Although the major banks might have run scared for the hills as far as SMSF loans are concerned, thanks to STAC Capital having its own ACL and therefore not being limited by a Broker’s Aggregator Panel of lenders, we have access to a whole list of lenders who are still very active in SMSF lending. We can help you identify the right loan for your SMSF.
  1. Navigating Legal & Regulatory Requirements: Investing in property and borrowing through an SMSF comes with rigorous legal and regulatory requirements. Working hand-in-hand with your accountant, financial planner and lawyer, we ensure you meet these obligations, helping to avoid costly mistakes and potential non-compliance issues down the line.
  1. Ongoing Support: Our commitment doesn’t end when your loan is approved. We’re here for the long haul, providing ongoing advice and support to help you manage your SMSF loan and navigate any changes in your circumstances or legislation.

If you’re considering buying and borrowing within your SMSF, don’t just go with any old mortgage broker – don’t be the guinea pig for them to “have a go”, risking thousands in costs and even losing a property you get under contract.

Use a broker that has successfully written SMSF loans time and time again, who knows exactly what needs to be done, what the potential pitfalls are. By leveraging our expertise and resources, you can confidently use your SMSF to step into the property market, potentially reaping the benefits for years to come.

Are you ready to explore property investment through your SMSF?

Get in touch with us now, and one of our experienced SMSF finance brokers will get in touch to guide you through the process.

With STAC Home and STAC Capital, you have a partner committed to making your property investment journey smooth and profitable.

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