First Home Buyers

Transforming First Home Dreams into Reality

Buying your first home is a significant milestone in life – one that often be a roller coaster of emotions – starting with hopes & dreams, before becoming daunting with the fear of the unknown and so many important “ducks to line up”, stress with things not necessarily going perfectly to plan, then ultimately [hopefully!] ending in elation as you move in to start the next exciting chapter in your life!

At STAC Home, we’re here to demystify this journey, transforming it from overwhelming to practical and achievable. We’ve done this countless times for countless others – and we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the property and finance market with confidence.

The property market and home loan process can seem very intimidating for first home buyers – and rightly so – but with the right guidance, you can be in your dream home sooner than you might think.

Here’s what we do:

  1. Understanding You: Our first step is to listen. Through personal conversations together with our online Client Centre portal, we gather a full understanding of your aspirations, your financial situation, your priorities and concerns. Doing this initial step properly, in full detail, ensures that we’re able to tailor a great solution for you specifically.
  1. Research to Find You the Perfect Loan: With access to a vast array of loan options, we’re dedicated to finding the one that fits your specific needs. Most brokers will advertise that they have a panel of 30 to 40 banks and lenders – which are provided by their “Aggregator” and Credit Licence holder. For people with non-standard situations, one of the beauties of using STAC Home is that our parent, STAC Capital, has its own Australian Credit Licence, which allows us unrestricted access to any lender in the market (we don’t need to ask for approval to “go off-panel”).
  1. Assist with Grants: As a first home buyer, you could be eligible for one or more of the various federal and state government grants and schemes, such as the First Home Owner Grant or First Home Loan Deposit Super Saver Scheme. We’ll help identify what you can qualify for, then help you through the application process.
  1. Navigate through the Paperwork: We won’t sugar-coat this – home lending is very highly-regulated, which means that securing a mortgage comes with its fair share of red tape and documentation. We’re here to streamline this process, assisting you at every step, to make it as stress-free as possible, whilst ensuring no detail is missed.
  1. Post-Settlement Support: Our service doesn’t end once you’ve secured your loan and moved into your new home to start your next exciting chapter of life. We check in regularly to make sure everything’s going to plan, we monitor your interest rate and negotiate discounts where possible; we’re always just a phone call or email away whenever you have any questions.

Embarking on the path to homeownership is a journey. We understand the significance of this decision and, at STAC Home, we’re committed to making your home buying journey as smooth and rewarding as possible.

Ready to take your first step towards owning your dream home?

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