Equity Capital

Unlock Greater Opportunity with Equity

Leverage STAC Capital’s deep and broad relationships with Institutional Fund Managers and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals, to structure and secure Equity Capital.

The opportunities for Equity Capital, and benefits thereof, can be wide-ranging and will depend on the nature and quality of the assets, strategies and sponsor. Although Equity-style capital does inherently involve giving away a share of profits, it can result in an enormous increase in a developer’s Return on Equity (which is precisely why so many of the largest and most successful developers use it!). 

Preferred Equity (“Pref”) for Development projects is a hybrid of debt & equity that we have structured and raised many times (and often write with our own capital). It takes on characteristics of both debt and equity, in various forms. 

For the right project, by a proven developer, the leverage can be next level – in fact, our record is unbeatable at a genuine 100% of Total Development Costs (every single cost, including the site purchase!). 

Whether you need capital for 5 or 500 units, a single commercial asset or an entire portfolio, STAC have the capability to structure a solution for you.

STAC Capital and its highly-experienced team have been the lead-arrangers or financiers on countless property projects and portfolios, ranging from boutique townhouses to high-density tower developments.

We access capital through our broad and deep relationships including local & offshore Banks, Fund Managers and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals (UHNW and HNW).

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