Case Study: LZID Atlas

STAC Capital came highly recommended to me by a close friend, a former Relationship Manager at NAB. He told me, “I know you’re facing difficulties with financing. I have someone who I believe can genuinely assist you.”

I had been searching everywhere for banking and finance for our project. About three years ago, the lending market in Australia was incredibly tight. We were at a point where I believed our project might not proceed. That’s when Mark Trayner from STAC Capital stepped in to assist.

We weren’t just borrowing one, two, or three million. We were talking figures like 20 or 30 million, and even more at later stages. It’s crucial to collaborate with someone trustworthy.

The first time I met Mark, I immediately felt a connection. I’ve always trusted my instincts. If I feel off about someone, I won’t engage in business with them. But with Mark, it was different. I could sense his sincerity. He wasn’t just there to profit; he genuinely wanted to help.

We had numerous foreign buyers, and many lenders didn’t recognize them. However, STAC Capital found a bank that would accept at least 40% in presales. The terms and conditions they negotiated were very attractive.

Their capability is evident. They have access to all the major banks and non-banking institutions in Australia.

The Atlas project alone stands as a testament to their competence and their ability to secure funds for us.

They’re highly approachable. Anytime you have a question, they’re there with an answer.

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