Advisory Services​

Strategic Solutions for the Left-Field

Does your business have a complex situation that needs some strategic-smarts?

We don’t try to make every peg fit in a square hole. 

If your peg is a different shape – no matter how complex – we take a different approach to many bankers and brokers. For larger and more complex businesses, we start by understanding the specific strategies, then build bespoke funding facilities that align with and support that. 

Where other skills are needed on the team, we leverage our relationships with countless experts, including legal, accounting, investment, insurance, project & development management, valuation, the list goes on. 

Some examples of our how we can help includes (but is not limited to):


- Building Feasibility & Cash Flow models
- Stress-testing forecast models


Raising Debt/Equity Hybrids ourselves.

Equity raises in partnership with other experts:
- Crowd-Sourced (“CSEF”)
- Private Placement Offers (“PPO”)
- Reverse Take-Overs (“RTO”)
- Initial Public Offerings (“IPO”)


Leveraging our broad range of relationships, we introduce specific expert professionals and consultants commensurate with the situation.

Accountants, Lawyers, Valuers, Sales & Marketing Consultants, Insolvency Practitioners, Franchising Specialists etc.


- Review and assessment of distressed positions

- Formulation of work-out strategies together with clients and relevant professionals (lawyers, insolvency practitioners, business valuers, specialist consultants/professionals etc)

- Negotiation with existing and/or potential incoming lenders/banks.

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